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Polluted Water
Paper Waste

At Winsome Yarns, sustainable production and manufacturing finds itself at the forefront of our values and business practices. 25% of the total power consumption comes through our own generation of renewable energy (Hydro). We have a zero-landfill waste policy and implement this using the reduce, recycle, recover and carefully dispose approach. Our factory lands are 68% greenery covered when compared to the total factory area.


We have reduced our fresh water consumption by 14% using re-circulation. We also use 26% of our water waste for plantation. At our knitwear plant, we have implemented rain water harvesting to further these practices.

It is no secret the impact the fashion industry has on the planet. For that reason, we offer a sustainable alternative to all our special effect yarns to promote sustainable fashion and manufacturing. This includes but is not limited to our organic cotton initiatives, the use of recycled fibers to produce our yarns, and the promotion of other yarns that reduce the environmental impact of production.

We are aware the environmental sustainability is a continuous process and as our values dictate, we look for continual improvement in technology, productivity & design development to reduce environmental costs. 

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