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Our Founder

Late Shri Mahabir Prasad Bagrodia

When head and heart are in harmony, success is assured. As India awakened to its newly found freedom, Shri Mahabir Prasad Bagrodia decided to take advantage of the increasing business opportunities the nation had to offer.

Traveling across the country from Rajasthan to Kolkata in West Bengal, the business capital of India, he established the Winsome Trading company in 1952. From such humble beginnings, the Winsome Group has grown into diverse companies which include textiles, yarns, breweries, warehousing, energy, minerals & mining, telecom, trading etc. across the globe.

Driven by passion, nurtured with values and guided by the vision of Late Shri Mahabir Prasad Bagrodia, our company has scaled new heights of glory.


winsome yarns india factory.jpg

The company ventured into the manufacturing of yarns in 1992. Today, Winsome Yarns operates units with a capacity of over 1,10,000 spindles. Offering a diverse product range of yarns and textiles to fulfill demands of customers worldwide, we have perfected the spinning processes by applying automated technology and innovation to every phase of the yarn and textile manufacturing process.

We have always believed in creating the best value for all entities associated with us. There is nothing to beat our continued focal point which has always been our esteemed customers and their satisfaction. From the inception of Winsome Group, we have strived to deliver total customer satisfaction and quality products to our clients.



Winsome Yarns aims “to be a preferred fashion yarn and material supplier to textile and apparel brands, manufacturers and industry."


Our vision is to work in collaboration with entire value chain of the textile & apparel business, to be aligned with global fashion trends, to promote and engage in continuous innovation in product design & development, and to use sustainable and environmental friendly materials, processes and technologies.

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