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Order Dated 14.03.2024

Shareholding Patterns

Quarter Ended 31.03.2024

Financial Results

Quarter Ended 31.12.2023

Secretarial Compliance Reports

Year Ended 31.03.2024




For Spring/Summer 21 we have continued to develop our yarn collection with sustainability at the forefront of our concepts whilst still maintaining a strong fashion directional collection. This season, the concept of coming together, sharing ideas to become stronger through collectively, inclusively and creatively collaborating. This way through listening and learning, we can create less waste and offer better, more interesting solutions.

Since the need to be more sustainable has become an essential element of all fashion collections and no longer just a niche market with specific products, we have created all our yarns to now be available with an eco-friendly alternative.

Please see the e symbol that indicates a sustainable alternative to all our special effect yarns and textiles.

Our trends and yarns are merely a starting point to inspire you for the season. We are more than happy to develop to any of customers unique ideas and requirements and provide high-quality yarns and textile products.

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